Automatic, wireless surveillance of the entire building

Wireless system for detecting water leakages. The water supply can be turned off while leaving the house using the control panel, and in case of a water leakage the control panel and the valve controller will give an audible indication. At the same time the controller activates the valve that will shut off the water supply.

The system can be used in industrial buildings, private and vacation homes.

MEASURES HxWxD (mm) Weight (g)
Magnet valve WTG-36C 111 x 47 x 31 300
Control panel WTG-38A 86 x 86 x 10 64

Unlimited number of wireless sensors
Sensor input for sensor wire on Solenoid Valve actuator
230V outlet for external equipment max. 10A / 2,3kW
Wired in/out signal for external equipment
(Require Remote Interface, Art no. 5648249).

Control panel WTG-38A 5648329
Wireless sensor 5648275
Sensortape, 3m 5648223
Power supply 5648325
Power supply type Europlug 5648236
Magnet valve WTG-36C (wireless system) 5648323
Jack adapter for sensor tape 5648221
SmartStop 1/2” 5648191*
SmartStop 3/4” 5648193*
SmartStop 1” 5648567
SmartStop 1 1/4” 5648568
SmartStop 1 1/2” 5648569
SmartStop 2” 5648571
SmartStop without valve 5648572
NC Systems
SmartStop NC 1/2” 5648195
SmartStop NC 3/4”
SmartStop without valve NC 5648197 5648319

* Replaces 5648218 (1/2”) og 5648213 (3/4”) 

Actuator for valve WTG-36C, NC
(wireless system) 5648324
Remote Interface WTG-35A 5648249
WG Splitt/extension cable, 3m. 5648246
WG split cable for 2 valves 5648199
Extension for sensor tape 5648327

New adapter with power supply