Sensors and sensor wires can be bought separately.

Wireless sensor
Art no. 5648275

Waterguards self-developed wireless sensors checks for leakage every 10 seconds, with built-in sensors or sensor tape connected to the transmitter. The sensor communicates with the central unit on the radio frequency RF868 Mhz. The signal is of good quality within 2-300 meters with unobstructed view, and within 50 meters indoors. Signals can also be extended with a signal amplifier. 

The sensor is to be placed in the included bracket, if mounted on the wall, with the included sensor spets.

When placed on the floor, the bracket can be removed around the sensor and placed directly in the desired area.

The wireless transmitters must be mounted so that it’s accessible when a battery change is needed, but also in a place where there is a risk of a leakage. The battery lifetime is around 5 years, when used normally.

Product Data Sheet- Wireless sensor

The sensor can be installed on the wall or stand directly on the floor.
To see different alternatives for placement, click the small squares below.

Waterguard sensor
Waterguard sensor
Waterguard sensor

Sensor tape
Art no. 5648223

Flat sensor wire with double sided tape. 3 meters, the length can be adjusted, by cutting the tape. The sensor tape must be placed in a good spot for surveillance of leaka
ge, while normal use of the water installations does not affect the system.

Waterguard sensortape

Extender for sensor tape Used for joining tape at long distances. Art no. 5648327

Sensor wires- 4, 10 or 100 meters
Art no. 5648228 (4 m)
Art no. 5648229 (10 m)
Art no. 5648224 (100 m)

The sensor wire must be placed in a good spot for surveillance of leakage, while normal use of the water installations does not affect the system. Placing it under the doorstep in special wet areas and under theplinth of the kitchen bench is recommended.

The sensor wire is placed with isolated areas facing down and is always placed on the lowest possible areas. Must be fastened properly.

If the sensor wires are ordered in lengths over 10 m, the insulation on the wire where the monitoring is placed, must be removed by the plumber. Removing insulation is done by cutting the plastic down to the cobber wire on one side of the wire. This can easily be done using a wallpaper knife.

Waterguard sensorledning