For integration with Smart houses, SD- and residential alarms.

Remote Interface connects to Smart Stop, Quick Stop and Smart Basic in order to integrate these systems with Smart houses, SD-systems and residential alarms.

Complete assembly instructions

Remote Interface WTG-35A must be connected to the following component:
The control unit WTG-38A, linked with valve controller(s) WTG-36C and wireless sensors WTG-27B.


Remote Interface WTG-35A is paired with the control unit WTG-38A by following this routine:

  1. Press the button on front until you hear two signals from this unit.
  2. On the control unit WTG-38A push the reset button until you hear two signals from this unit. The two units will now be paired, followed by a signal when the pairing is complete.

Remote Interface WTG-35A must not be placed inside a closed metal cabinet, nor on a metal surface. This will negatively affect the quality/range of the radio communication with the control unit WTG-38A. WTG-35A must be placed in a dry, open place. Power can be supplied from external units like alarms.

Use the push-button located on the front of the unit to open and close the solenoid valve(s) in the system. Green light indicates an open valve and red light indicates a closed valve. The unit has the following connections for wired signals:

Output ports:

For all output ports:
These are intended for signaling Alarm/Smart house/SD systems, not to control loads. Ports are galvanically separated, with max voltage 50V, max current 130mA and max ON resistance 16 ohm, Type 5 ohm.

Water OFF: Port is closed
Water ON: Port is open
NC (normally closed) cuts on alarm
NC (normally closed) cuts on low battery (ca. 2,2V) in wireless sensors.

Input ports:
Common to both ports:
Controlled by a relay/switch signal on the input port. Alternatively a minus signal can be placed on the respective plus clamp, provided it is the same minus as the voltage supply.

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