Automatic, wire-based surveillance and control

System for detecting water leaks which automatically shuts off the water supply.

Water is detected by a wired sensor. In case of a water leak the unit will give an audible indication at the same time as it activates the solenoid valve, that closes off the water supply.

The controller is designed in a way that ensures that the top outlet is not covered in a double plug-outlet. The valve actuator ensure that the Solenoid valve don’t get stuck by motioning the pilot hole.

The central unit is used in private homes, vacation homes and industrial buildings.

MEASUREMENTS HxWxD (mm) Weight (g)
Valve control WTG-36A 111 x 47 x 31 300

1 sensor input for sensor wires.
230V outlet for external equipment max. power consumption 10A / 2,3kW

Valve control WTG-36A (wire-based) Art. no. 5648321
Sensor tape flat, 3 m Art. no. 5648223
Jack adapter for flat sensor tape Art. no. 5648221
Valve(s) in various dimensions
Adapter 1 with  1/2” valve Art. no. 5648184
Adapter 1 with  3/4” valve Art. no. 5648185
Adapter 1 with 1” valve Art. no. 5648556
Adapter 1 with 1 1/4” valve Art. no. 5648558
Adapter 1 with  2” valve Art. no. 5648559
WG Adapter 1 without valve Art. no. 5648284
NC systems
Adapter 1 with  1/2” valve Art. no. 5648187
Adapter 1 with  3/4” valve Art. no. 5648189
WG Adapter 1 without valve Art. no. 5648298

Valve control WTG-36A, NC Art. no. 5648588
Sensor wire 10 m with plug Art. no. 5648229
Sensor wire 100 m Art. no. 5648224
Joint piece for sensor tape Art. no. 5648327
Split- og joint cable 3 m Art. no. 5648246
WG Split cable for 2 valves Art. no. 5648199

New adapter with power supply